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Wednesday, January 13'th 2020

Overcoming Wordpress flaws - by Robert Langford

Once you start working with wordpress,
it becomes very clear that while it's a great product, catering to the ideas of every developer and every user becomes a challenge.
Maxims, principles; like employing CSS stylesheets has become the norm, API's; font-engines, form-processing enhancers.

But how many of us have asked ourselves:
How can I do this all and be playing a continuous music player?

How can My clients be running any content at all times, so that their customers can go from section to section, and while they browse:
A track they decided to play is playing, maybe it's a demo for a sample pack that's playing (like in the case of a vocal sample pack) and that customer wasn't sold on it right away.

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I will often frequent sites like producerloops.com and go from section to section, from deal to deal and all the while play an audio demo of a sample pack (often a vocal sample pack I could use for EDM).
If I like it, at the bottom of the site where the player is playing there's an option for Me to add that sample pack that's playing to My cart. It's really intuitive and it helps them to get sales.

Using a style of coding called AJAX, you can load all files into one page, meaning that though you have loaded new content, the page does not have to refresh.
Robert Langford
While so many in the past (and present) say that it can be done, how many developers have actually achieved it and released a working version into the community either in a free or paid format? The answer is, that you can count them on one hand, maybe two.

But in the way of being compatible with Easy Digital Downloads there has not been one that lives up to the same expectations.

Yearly fees, offers of all kinds and products, like on this page:
The effect known as Magic Zoom.

While not being a unique product (there had been many which were created) the internet thinned out over years, and you can see very clearly by going to this link that the company selling "Magic Zoom", an extremely simple javascript have made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But what of wordpress? and what of making Magic zoom work inside of wordpress without adding extra javascripts that run in every page? What about functions free of queries to PHP and back..
These are all really good questions and what it comes down to is that people have an area of expertise; they're only so comfortable with a certain amount of technology and beyond that spectrum, the accumulated knowledge which they possess, naturally the idea of stretching those boundries even further still to make one page sites is daunting.

I, Robert from DSPplug intend to sell this plug-in for ten dollars, and you can install it on as many sites as you like. Furthermore; all of the code is inline and it will be responsive. Dependant on the size of the screen it will allow you to have both zoom inside of picture and zoom outside (more like the traditional Magic Zoom effect) which flies out and looks cool.

I'll make themes, I'll make slider programs, I'll make continuous music players and I will put together stuff to make e-commerce easier.