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LE Attol Little 15 (Depeche Mode Cover) Prototype

This is a really rough recording, there's a lot of strain on my vocal cords that may or may not be due to me singing beyond my register. It may ...be because I'm quitting smoking. I'll likely try using Cepacol to calm the strain in my voice in the meantime. I also notice that any accent seems embellished after adding drive, especially with consonants. I'll try and tame those with training and with processing.

Recorded in FL Studio 11, in my studio using a Blue Snowball Ice on an AMD FX-8350 system, mixed up to 48K. Used quite a lot of DSPplug plug-ins, as well as izotope's alloy2 for a comp/gate/de-esser, waves loudness meter, waves c6, waves tune real-time, autotune access, psp easyverb, khs chorus, khs reverb, tls 1295 lea, image-line effector, abletunes space knob, abletunes drive knob.


Have yet to add chorus and sysnthlines, planning to speed it up a little and add some cyberpunk style fx to make it more exciting. Will probably layer the drums and add some fx, and steel sounds here and there.
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