Flowstone resource #1: Optimization Kit

Here’s a great optimization kit from VSTplug, it has a bunch of stuff from Exonerate, Sam Mungall, Dozius, Myself and Skore.

In this kit you’ll find:

  • stereo width that adds no gain when it is used (VSTplug, Dozius, Trogluddite)
  • an optimized ceiling limiter that uses next to no CPU (VSTplug, ???,  Sam Mungall, Barak)
  • a great optimized VCA linear DB ASM example by Sam Mungall and optimized by Barak
  • various linear to db and db to linear converters made by Exonerate (Thomas Chatfield)
  • an automatic crossfader (VSTplug)
  • A tester (Trogluddite, VSTplug)
  • A vector rocker switch (VSTplug)

This is one of the most useful kits you can find for Flowstone, enjoy 🙂

Download server 1:

Vstplug Optimizing
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