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Gather resources here for your flowstone or DSP projects. Much of the code is custom made by the DSPplug team, but some is based upon the work of other developers who should be mentioned in the details provided for each download available.

Here's some awesome stuff to work with (works with the alpha only, 32 bit compatble version soon!) That allows a true Mid / Side Mixing processor. Now x32 flowstone compatible!


[DSPplug] Flowstone - Free Schematic - M2S MS Processor (Alpha)


[DSPplug] Flowstone Free Schematic - DSPplug MS V8


[DSPplug] Free Flowstone Schematic - DSPplug MS Technique


[DSPplug] Free Flowstone Schematic - DSPplug Mono to MS 16


[DSPplug] Flowstone Schematic Free - DSPplug MS V22

V22 (final):

[DSPplug] Flowstone Free Schematic - Mono to MS v22 [final]

Dspplug Alpha Mono To Stereo 22 X32
Downloads: 24, File Size: 35.7 MB, Added: 05 Nov. 2020

This is the end-all solution, probably the best MS algo ever made.

How to ensure that the extra bit on the side of your knob is accurate based upon position (based on proximity from the exact center):

[DSPplug] Flowstone Course - 10 - Making 2D into 3D - Part 1

Here's a youtube video explaining that:

[DSPplug] Flowstone Course - Tip - Organised Schematics

I'll also add a schematic here with an example using the background render so that it makes more sense in the tense of a complicated program.

A2F2S stands for "area to float to string"

[DSPplug] Flowstone Course - 9 - Serializing 1 (a2f2s)

Area calls are common and can be avoided by utilizing this handy module. This methods assists someone in serializing (removing any instance of code/functions that are not hardcoded in some way like in the means of text).
I recommend replacing all things that you can replace with text. you can do the same with colors as well (but it's not as nice somehow).

By doing the same with the "font" command you miss the default font call, because if you use the font module, if you opt out of mentioning the font, it will revert the font to the font built into flowstone (hella handy). But, in products like acoustica Mixcraft 9; by specifying fonts this way it can glitch.
Happy serializing.

Downloads: 16, File Size: 30 B, Added: 25 Oct. 2020

This was made by someone else, Myco or?? Useful though. Mentioned in this video:

Background Render Kit
Downloads: 20, File Size: 25.0 KB, Added: 25 Oct. 2020

[DSPplug] Flowstone Course - 8 - Simplicity in Design

Pretty Amazing, see the youtube video here:

Mousewheel Support X32 Dragy 2
Downloads: 11, File Size: 4.9 KB, Added: 18 Oct. 2020

Use this test method to test Multiplication versus division definitively. There was another test I'd made; but it is really only in the case of multiplication that it adds accuracy.

There is no repairing division.

Just Multiply
Downloads: 13, File Size: 5.3 KB, Added: 19 Sep. 2020

Thanks for Subscribing!

VST Plugins (windows; 32 & 64 bit)
This is a realistic VST Vacuum Tube VST:

DSPplug Naive Beta Presets Updated
Downloads: 13, File Size: 12.8 MB, Added: 26 Sep. 2020

Flowstone Schematics (32 & 64 bit compatible)
This is a ruby refresh:

DSPplug Ruby Redraw
Downloads: 17, File Size: 69 B, Added: 17 Sep. 2020

This is a Naive Filter Tube EQ! Sounds So Realistic!

DSPplug Tube 82 Rand Fork X32
Downloads: 8, File Size: 227.2 KB, Added: 27 Sep. 2020

Here's Ruby mousehweel support!
Version 4:

DSPplug Mousewheel Support V4 Alpha
Downloads: 6, File Size: 2.3 KB, Added: 06 Oct. 2020

Version 4 (inside a knob):
Example Knob Mousewheel Support Alpha
Downloads: 6, File Size: 187.2 KB, Added: 06 Oct. 2020

Ruby redraw tut files:

Redraw Example School
Downloads: 8, File Size: 1.0 KB, Added: 30 Sep. 2020

Wav Recorder:

Wav Recorder
Downloads: 8, File Size: 5.9 KB, Added: 24 Oct. 2020

Here's how to add a Ruby redraw Furthermore:

DSPplug Simple Arp V0003
Downloads: 38, File Size: 429.0 KB, Added: 16 Sep. 2020

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