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Gather resources here for your flowstone or DSP projects. Much of the code is custom made by the DSPplug team, but some is based upon the work of other developers who should be mentioned in the details provided for each download available.

People will often have strange, less than mathematical ideas to make limiters and compressors. This is such a limiter!

max 3% CPU, I believe it could go down to 1.8?


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Knobman .knob download
Download #1

LA Esquire Stainless Version V0061
Downloads: 26, File Size: 912.0 KB, Added: 23 Jul. 2020

Download #2
LA Esquire 2 Stainless Version V0087 Public Version
Downloads: 27, File Size: 758.8 KB, Added: 23 Jul. 2020