Flowstone – A2f2s

A2F2S stands for “area to float to string”

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Area calls are common and can be avoided by utilizing this handy module. This methods assists someone in serializing (removing any instance of code/functions that are not hardcoded in some way like in the means of text).
I recommend replacing all things that you can replace with text. you can do the same with colors as well (but it’s not as nice somehow).

By doing the same with the “font” command you miss the default font call, because if you use the font module, if you opt out of mentioning the font, it will revert the font to the font built into flowstone (hella handy). But, in products like acoustica Mixcraft 9; by specifying fonts this way it can glitch.
Happy serializing.

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Single Precision Vs Double Precision (Just Multiply)

Division and Multiply succeed differently, with different math. If you wanted to replace division with multiplication to that end, you could and it would always match, this would be ideal and yet it uses a lot of cpu. You’d have to mimic long division. You can look it up. Albeit, fruitless. That’s the point of this – To show you just multiply so your points always match.

Just Multiply
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Flowstone – Free C Simple Arp Alternative

Ruby used to be not so great for arpeggios but it’s improved a little. Here’s one I made that works well, but does not sounds as good as the ruby model. Maybe more reliable and predictable, but it comes to sound in the end, as always.

DSPplug Simple Arp V0003
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Flowstone: Ruby and Green Math contest

Many people want to take flowstone on and wonder what it can do. It’s hard to realy appreciate how much more accurate ruby is until you see it for yourself. It’s also something you think you could “rig up” to have a close facsimile; but it would be foolhardy. With that said though, using ruby for alot of things is also foolhardy. I recomend only one use of ruby per schema. If for visual, controllers need to be primitives (like mouse xy and so on); then just send that data on to ruby so that theimage changes at a more reasonable refresh rate. It’s a serious shortcoming of primitives, they try too hard to capitalize on cpu and gpu mem.

Over Precision V2
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Over Precision V3 With Fallback
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Flowstone: RBJ EQ filters

Here is a collection of RBJ filters for your use. Please note however, the low shelf filter is buggy and will be updated.

These are entirely unique filters made by Robert Ellis Langford / LE Attol / king OZ records and are CCBY (by attribution)

these come with a useful EQ example that has a very advanced graphic look achieved to better show what’s possible.

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Download #1

Rbj Custom Filters Using La Pi2 Variation 13 Including Live Selecter
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Download #2

Flowstone: imperium EQ (partial example)

This is a concept that has some working tech that’s hard to create. It would be very hard to repair or change though and that’s why I stopped working on it.

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Download #1 (beginner to intermediate)

Imperium Eq 1 2 4 Public
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Download #2 (Advanced)
Imperium Eq 1 9 7 Fixed Hanging Left Menu
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Download #3 (Extremely Advanced!!!)
Imperium Eq 1 9 8 Incorporating Fft Style Analyzer
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