Flowstone: Wav sample player

It’s cool to use flowstone to test audio, and maybe rather than in FL studio (like I’d suggest tbh).

But, here’s a nice sample player that allows you to listen in style with play, pause and stop commands as well as a real-time seek and scan time. Also has repeat setting to replay track indefinitely.

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Vstplug Sample Player
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Flowstone: sampler components

Making a sampler seems like a good idea, but there’s many methods to achieve it. Therefore her’s a few different schematics that show you how maybe you can load files, either from a folder or by selecting files individually.

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Download – Sampler example

La Sampler V11
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Download – Preset files folder path

Preset File Path Based
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Flowstone: Esquire limiter

People will often have strange, less than mathematical ideas to make limiters and compressors. This is such a limiter!

max 3% CPU, I believe it could go down to 1.8?


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Knobman .knob download
Download #1

LA Esquire Stainless Version V0061
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Download #2
LA Esquire 2 Stainless Version V0087 Public Version
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Flowstone: Useful boolean delay modules

These have a very small footprint and allow you to delay the activation or deactivation of a boolean. Furhermore, you can even have two times, one for on and another for off.

This becomes handy for animations, like in the case of a slide away menu or something the like.


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La Boolean Delay
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Flowstone: Vertical Slider (Trog mod)


Here’s a better slider with only two modules.

It’s very efficient and it is fully tested with automation. The only thing I have not tested is the default 0-1 reference in the preset module I’m not sure if it requires a 1-value to work.

Check that out, but it’s the most simple yet, and furthermore by y using it a user can also use the slider while automating without it breaking! Make sure however, maybe to use 1 subtracted by the value so that it defaults correctly.

Furthermore, Trogluddite added some code to make this move more effectively, so I added his modification instead of the original because it’s so much better.

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Vstplug Slider Standard Trog Mod
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Flowstone: Graph Triangle Shapes


I got so annoyed with having to use fonts or hollow triangles for dropdown lists that I decided to make a system by using co-ordinates and the graph line primitive by specifying the filled colour.

Unless I was to set x-co-ordinates however, I doubt I would be able to do this without the use of the rotate primitive.

So, enjoy these triangles which are a nice alternatives to lines and to the webdings font.

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Vstplug Selector With Filled Solid Triangle Shapes
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Flowstone: Freq (by phonicsaudio.com) modification


The freq by phonicsaudio is a great EQ, but I’d realized it was designed for smaller monitors, years ago and I wanted something larger. So I looked at the source, gutted and replaced the filters.

It’s why it has no logo and looks rather vanilla. Thanks to phonicsaudio.com for the source and I’ll be releasing a new version of this very soon!

Please check out phonicsaudio.com for other great plugins and schematics. Like for instance synths and arpeggiators that are rarely matched in quality and design prowess.


Newest Freq
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Flowstone: Mono to Stereo

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So, this example was posted by Spogg under the name “Quilcom mono to stereo H Lauridsen plus” and I replaced any instances of stereo or mono4 delays with one tap mono interpolated delays by Martin Vicanek so as to be more efficient.

Furthermore, I switched the de-zippers over to a less sophisticated method that has a nice effect on speed as a whole and ensures noise free operation for the most part.

The big news is that this schematic allows you to make mono into stereo and it also allows you to control the phase cancellation. The H Lauridsen technique is a great one, but it will lean to one side or the other. Not like a professional studio. So, I made this to ensure that you can now mix with the effect like a professional studio in every degree.

A big thanks to Spogg (flowstoners.com) Martin Vicanek (vicanek.de), Troggludite, Acrobat. Digitonix and Exonerate for contributions used.

My latest product, the king OZ records EQ uses this feature. I invite you to use it as well, but please attribute VSTplug or Robert Langford / LE Attol, and additionally consider mentioning Martin Vicanek, Trogluddite, Acrobat and Exonerate should you use these technologies.


VSTplug Mono To Stereo V1 2 DEMO
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Flowstone: Stereo Width

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This is a much more efficient mathematics allowing stereo width. Keep in mind that it only accepts a bi-polar number for control.

i.e: -1 to 1

-1 =  mono
0 = stereo
1 = split stereo

Vstplug Acrobat Width Mod
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