The hydra is a great doubler that sounds just like hardware!

A great sounding compressor designed to make dry mixes sound nice and organic.

“the norm” is an ffmpeg normalizer that uses workarounds to make the non-functional normalizer function of ffmpeg into something that works perfectly. It took some research and training to diagnose the problem but with this workaround you will find that after de-noising your vocals; this is a fast tool to use inside a windows OS folder that automatically masters any .wav file inside the folder. Just keep the zip file use it whenever you need it.

A free gift from dspplug to you.

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This is the new upgrade of the DSPplug esquire, offering new advantages and a zero latency experience. Though the old was quite good, it took a brief millisecond to catch up. With this improved hybrid lu dbfs design, there is no such shortcoming.

Brickwall, true peak limiter limiting to -1.0 dbtp.
Has compression but no auto makeup yet.

V1.3: + Added GUI Attack and Release Components
+ Improved transition between pumping and envelope mode
+ Reduced CPU and Memory Usage.
V1.4: Updated GUI.
V1.5: Updated GUI, Knob preset state refresh and Strengthened TP detection so to prevent TP leaks. (will finetune this new tech to a greater extent asap. work in progress).
V1.6: Updated GUI, (Perfected DAW state display, Auto Makeup, GR) Added.
V1.7: Remade switch code, fixed presets, added new custom tp limiter (will improve it).
V1.8: Added Limiter feedback prevention (will add to thresh, ratio, ceiling soon) using crossfade. Improved detection, reduced drastic ceiling reduction, improved sound depth and clarity, reduced distortion. cytoSonic compressor is now added using -9 dbfs thresh 75 ratio to smooth out the highest peaks. Please refer to the source for usage details.
V1.9: Added new oversampled limiter before and after. Reduced amount of overall gain and targetted -3 dbfs threshold instead. Overcame distortion experienced in last 3 versions.
V2.0: Updated code to fix various bugs. Feedback does not create a reduction in amplitude anymore.

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The mark3 is a mid side limiter with mono to stereo and widening capabilities.
This includes a 3 band graphic eq for mid and side as well as a dbfs and peak rms mastering solution.
You may also notice that the analog button reduces essing, as it uses a custom moog filter.

Utilizing code designed by DSPplug, Kirkagur, Exonerate, Infuzion and Trogluddite. Linear delay by Martin Vicanek with a peerless peak detection by cytoSonic. Filter work by infected sounds and control array assembly by Barak.

This is not an official release of VOS, nor is it a collaboration of DSPplug and VOS.
Mac support coming soon.

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This is a well tended to an constantly evolving, growing sample pack designed for the person wanting to have fun with trap rap.

Youtube Video

Haas is great, and there are many incarnations of it. This version uses no stereo width to bolster and confine the effect, ensuring that the pleasing phase cancellation effect seems very clean and even natural.

Great effort went into ensuring that there are no clicks or noises and overall the plugin is very efficient.

Use this in tandem with the famous Lauridsen technique as well as with the free DSPplug Blumlein haas plug-in so as to ensure that your sounds have a different feel and sound, better assisting you in creating a contrast and definining characteristic for your sounds.

A multi-band version of this plug-in will be added very soon in an update, it’s well under way.

It’s a passive noise suppression filter that requires your mic to be close to you. More features may be added in the future, there’s no discernable gui. This uses mid side and technology that’s way ahead of the competition to remove computer and background noise realtime.

This technology is not designed to strengthen distant noises as this merely causes essing and amplified mouth noises. It is designed for a closer musician.

It’s cool, making Youtube videos, Vimeo Videos, Tik Tok Videos, Daily Motion, Facebook, Instagram and what have you videos.
And yet products like Bandicut, though great get expensive to install on many pc’s.

This windows only product uses a few tricks and batch files getting the most out of the open source ffmpeg and VLC Media Player products.
FFmpeg can fall short when merging video, and VLC is not everything in the way of control, but the two together; hidden inside the powerful dspplug-joiner.exe product are mighty.

What you do, is make a folder; it can have many files inside; but make sure there’s only these mp4 files:
file1.mp4, file2.mp4, and file3.mp4

These are the videos that will be merged together in sequence. But if you only need to merge two videos, just have file1 and file2.
Moreover, say that you also wish to replace the audio. Merely make stereo aac files the same length and name them the same, and they will automatically be added without any issues of latency.

Like this:
file1.aac, file2.aac, file3.aac

Just want to replace file2.aac? Or only need to update file1.aac? NP.
Just place the dspplug-joiner.exe file in the folder and double click it.
It will do all the work and clean up after itself, leaving a merged.mp4 file when it is done.

Nothing about the file is suspicious, though it might seem alarming that something like this could be standalone.
Here is the virustotal scan:

There’s never been anything like the Omega Width. It uses auto makeup to ensure that the sound after adding stereo width has the same gain. Though, to prevent clipping it does prevent intersample peaks from going over a true peak of -1 dBFS. The result is less saturation.