The DSPplug mid side plug-in is a surefire way to add the mid side technology while also preserving most of the phase of stereo that is stemming from the original sample’s stereo signal.

This means that you can use mid side in such a manner that allows you to reduce distortion by up to an incredible 35% (maxed side). With the additional volume control available, you’ll be able to use mid side to control the seeming distance / closeness of a sound without having to use a great deal of filters.

The DSPplug omega mid side, constructed and designed by king OZ records is probably the most professional sounding, offering a true-to-life color that’s indicative of the most expensive analog gear that is rarely for sale in any decent condition that is.

So often there are supposedly modern mid side techniques, but they sound as if they’re the product of either fake, smooth vector designs, or: They sound like they possess a harshness, without a sound and texture that can be compared to something tactile; making yet another effect in an already growing fx chain necessary. Escape monotony with a product designed and constructed by an individual mixing music on a regular basis, producing, researching and self educating; an individual that is in-touch with the audio world and willing to live up to the most enduring of standard.

The DSPplug Smooth is a one of a kind. A ceiling limiter that attempts to deal with true peak limiting, the smooth is the answer to the question “Is auto-makeup absolutely necessary?”. The answer: not really. And the only reason why, is alternative math with the same result.

The DSPplug Smooth promises to be an elite experience for those serious about making music fast. Whether it comes to reducing punch from a vocal, or it is about making a sound blend well into into the track so that it is not affecting the overall threshold, the smooth is reliable and fast.

This new version is a surefire limiter which has a series of limiting algorithms that notably, will ensure a ceiling cannot get get any higher than specified. However, you’re required to add gain behind this limiter (most likely with an EQ) to make it meet the desired ceiling threshold. This is due to exponential compression enforced by percentile.

It’s really simple, sometimes either effects or phase causing processing will be too resonant and be causing modulation. Especially like in the case of reverb. Turn a reverb effect effect into a linear phase one with this effect or just tame phase in general by choosing the dominant side (which will automatically become BOTH sides) with the DSPplug Omega PhaseBGone.

You often will want to add a little bit of automation, and after you’ve mastered; you do not want to add any volume but you wish to take away.

Here’s a simple tool that offers that capability which also doubles as being able to very simply improve the presence of a vocal or a set. You can change the frequency from 1000hz to 4500hz and, using an RBJ first order peaking filter (that has been highly optimized so as to not make noise while automating) you can improve the sense and sound of presence.

You can very easily make it sounds like the speaker is directly adjacent to the microphone with this tool.

Furthermore, using a physical principle coined as rarefaction; a method that mimicks the act of compression breakpoints and bas convolution and tenacious nature; rather than a thickened bass (as has become popular in this day and age) you will instead recieve a very perpetual thin, realistic bass that is carefully designed so as to ensure that the bass is the last thing you hear. Just like in nature.

This entitles the end user to use this plug-in on every trck and channel so as to not just add a little presence, automation and placement; but also a means to add a smooth, natural sound that is the product a hard working DSP engineer’s set of working theories put into practise.

Porbably the most unique compressor in the world.

[sc name=”expand”]The DSPplug batEQ was made to address the issue: why is the variety of sound Rescue MkII so good, and how could it be made into an EQ? Obviously, the rescue is low CPU and it is formidable; but not an EQ and 32 bit only.
This EQ does most of the same that you expect from Rescue MkII, but with a rock solid EQ that will please.

You can count on the bat, based upon one of the best vocal processors ever designed (the Rescue Mk2 by variety of sound).[/sc]

[sc name=”youtube” ytid=”KXKMOckExnU”]
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The DSPplug freq3 is the answer to the desire that there could be a fast, reliable and well designed equalizer that could work as well or beside the fruity parametric EQ2. The fruity parametric EQ2 has been a staple of the industry, providing speed and reliability. This eq intends to match that versatility: But, I tried to cater the sound design to those thrillseekers hoping for hollywood smoothness rather than grit.

Expect speed, and versatility. Please contact if there is any technical issues I will respond promptly and I will try to fix any issue that you may encounter personally.

There’s a built in brickwall limiter with some feedback protection. It will overload the release if you push it to hard but I designed it to try and bounce back. it’s much like hardware in that respect. I will point out however, for the time being it is merely a superficial limiter. Now, in the days of True Peak limiting there are new standards of reduction, while as this limiter meets old school standards of only 0 dBFS. It sounds nice, though there will be some modifications to make it more recent, there really is no way to achieve the same superficial “gloss” and “character” while using the newer series of limiters. Both style of limiters in tandem would seem the prudent and professional choice.


DSPplug freq3
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This is a totally free sample pack from DSPplug, our gift to you!.

Please do not redistribute this, or claim it is your own; but you do not need to mention DSPplug if you use these samples.

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The inter-sample peak limiter by DSPplug allows you to avoid true peaks in such a way that is both restorative and non-destructive, utilizing a unique formulae to avoid damage normally done by a limiter, especially in the way of affecting bass.

This product is sold [email protected] KVR Audio and

The inter-sample peak limiter comes in two flavors: Normal and ++. The ++ version has an EQ and a 4 band FX rack built right in with saturation and exciters ready and waiting to make your track sound like it’s from a pro studio.

+ V1.0: Initial release
+ V1.1: Added optional HP option.
+ V1.1: Added ++ version for effect without a color.
+ V1.2: Changed look and improved functionality
+ V1.3: Added option to use more pervasive algorithm
+ V1.4: Fixed all reported bugs, improved algorithm 2, dropped ++ version due to less sonic effect in standard.
+ V1.4: Added ++ version with equalizer and 4 band FX options
+ V1.5: Improved stability, much less distortion as a result
+ V1.6: Updated bug with DB ceiling
+ V1.7: Updated Automation Capability

Planned Changes
+ V1.8: Mousewheel support, Optimizations, NEW optimizations on their way!

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