KingOZ: VSTplug william de-esser

The william de-esser is a nice addition to any professional’s toolbox.

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A windows 64-bit VST2 plugin, the william de-esser is a zero latency compression tool that is not for only de-essing vocals but also for the entire track. The reasons you might choose the william de-esser are:

Filter Type Selection

  1. BP1: A smooth sounding RBJ bandpass filter.
  2. BP2: A ZDF bandpass filter with a mild grit.
  3. HP1: A TDF2 style filter type with smoothness and character.
  4. HP2: A generic C+ filter which due to its subtractive quality adds a raspiness.

Intuitive Loudness Metering
Choose between dBFS and the world standard LU to see where your track stands in volume level.

This plugin is optimized by Le Attol (Robert Ellis Langford) meticulously so as to have less impact on your hardworking CPU.

+ V1.0: Unreleased
+ V1.1: Added 3 new filter types (BP2, HP1, HP2).
+ V1.2: Added automation support

Planned Changes
+ V1.2: Auto crossfading to prevent clicks during operation and especially preset change. (pending 01/25/20)
+ V1.2: Complete automation support (almost completed 01/25/20).

The VSTplug william de-esser is sold here, but to show some KVRaudio comradery, it won’t be sold on other sites.
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Download Demo

Demo - VSTplug william de-esser
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KingOZ: VSTplug governor

The VSTplug governor (32 & 64 Bit VST2 Win) is a simple way to change decibel levels, both in the sense of averaging the lows, and carefully controlling the amplitude of the peaks.

This beta frankly, does not work as well it could. But without a doubt it does work well. What it comes down to is the db detection and that detection being made to be more accurate and above the amount of dB to be cancelled out. The new version will have LU functionality added so as to meet the latest legal standard. Thanks to all of the testers and supporters of this product.



Vstplug Governor
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V 1.0:
+ initial release

V 1.1:
+ 64 Bit bug fixes

+ Algorithm definition and averaging changes.

+ Pumping mode (gentler reduction only)
+ LUFS integration for greater readout accuracy
+ dBFS / LUFS average LU and True Peak readings on 3 scales

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VSTplug governor is compatible with the following versions of windows:

*may be compatible with previous versions

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KingOZ: VSTplug Freq

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The VSTplug freq is a great parametric EQ that’s able to do most anything with only peaking filters. More is planned for this equalizer. It was made for the most part as a test of functionality but will be updated to have all filter types (specifically the RBJ type “custom programmed by Le Attol”).

The Freq, based on a PhonicsAudio design’ was designed and coded by Nix & Grymmjack.

The VSTplug Freq is basically a new skin of the same plugin but the new version will be a complete rebuild. Check out for more information.


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+ V 1: Beta Initial Release

VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Technologies, GMBH

KingOZ: VSTplug LA Bands 2

The VSTplug LA bands 2 is a fantastic equalizer, exceeding the colour and quality of most any commercial equalizer on the market. Due to its superior construction, LA bands 2 outperforms and outshines the competition by being easy on the CPU; it sounds smooth and it’s “not bad” overall. Better performance, with a few sacrifices made to ensure that.


La Bands 2 1 4
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download open source schematic




V 1.2:
+ Improved GUI and speed.

V 1.3:
+ Improved FL Studio 12/20 Support
+ Removed Redraw Bug.

V 1.4:
+ Fixed refresh Rate, reduced CPU use.

VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Technologies, GMBH

KingOZ: VSTplug Esquire Limiter

The LA school esquire is one of the better limiters on the market, yet it is not a brick wall limiter, instead it’s a limiter using a rarely found pumping algorithm designed to mimic sound with a linear decay (rarefaction). And this effect is only bolstered by the static ceiling (based on %).

Downloads: 213, File Size: 7.4 MB, Added: 17 Jan. 2020




download open source schematic





+ Added LU detection (soon adding optional DBFS and RMS support)

+ Improved the behavior of the pumping limiter by individualizing the dB detector type to threshold.
+ Enhanced the levels of pseudo morph ism because it looks neato and keen.

+ Reduced CPU usage (thanks Cytosonic & Aliasant).
+ Changed design (thanks Robert for color advice).

+ New refresh rate algorithm reduces lag.
+ Reduced CPU usage.

+ Better Logo Aesthetics
+ Named Presets.

+ Better math (Now Using Ruby);
+ Peak calculation using slide and line primitive
+ Rough solution for attack and release now applied.

+ Plug-in preset manager (Will require installer)
+ Extensive youtube tutorials
+ PDF user guide
+ Upwards limiting
+ Rational Mapping of threshold and ratio;

(To include three decimal places in the first 5 increments – More control)
+ Mouse wheel Support

VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Technologies, GMBH