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VSTplug Freq

KingOZ: VSTplug Freq

The VSTplug freq is a great parametric EQ that’s able to do most anything with only peaking filters. More is planned for this equalizer. It was made for the most part as a test of functionality but will be updated to have all filter types (specifically the RBJ type “custom programmed by Le Attol”). The […]

VSTplug LA Bands 2

KingOZ: VSTplug LA Bands 2

The VSTplug LA bands 2 is a fantastic equalizer, exceeding the colour and quality of most any commercial equalizer on the market. Due to its superior construction, LA bands 2 outperforms and outshines the competition by being easy on the CPU; it sounds smooth and it’s “not bad” overall. Better performance, with a few sacrifices […]

VSTplug Esquire Limiter

KingOZ: VSTplug Esquire Limiter

The LA school esquire is one of the better limiters on the market, yet it is not a brick wall limiter, instead it’s a limiter using a rarely found pumping algorithm designed to mimic sound with a linear decay (rarefaction). And this effect is only bolstered by the static ceiling (based on %).   Screenshot […]

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