DSPplug bat EQ
[DSPplug] Updated BatEQ to build 1.5
[DSPplug] Rough Track - Made with new BatEQ
[DSPplug] Current Overview, Background and Maintenance of BatEQ
[DSPplug] Brief batEQ intro

Download Demo

Demo - DSPplug batEQ build1-7 x64
Downloads: 6, File Size: 8.4 MB, Added: 15 Apr. 2021
Release date:November 10, 2020
Last updated:November 10, 2020
Current version:1.00
Product type:VST2,VST3 windows plug-in
File format:.zip,.rar
File size:14.7 Mb
  • V1.0: Initial release.
  • V1.1: Fixed GUI.
  • V1.2: Fixed Initial dBFS peak value.
  • V 1.3: Fixed Analyzer dBFS preset glitches
  • V1.4: Optimized
  • V1.5: Added distance and Depth control.
  • V1.6: Updated Phase Readout issue.
  • V1.7: Updated Credits

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