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[DSPplug] New Freq3 Sub Version Patch

Download the Free Version (8 Peaking Filters only):

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Downloads: 13, File Size: 13.2 MB, Added: 06 Nov. 2020
DSPplug freq3
Downloads: 18, File Size: 550.8 KB, Added: 06 Nov. 2020
Release date:October 4, 2020
Last updated:October 4, 2020
Current version:1.58
Product type:VST plug-in
File, .rar, .7z
File size:13 mb
Price:$30.00 $3.75 USD
  • 1.0: Initial Release.
  • 1.1: Optimizations.
  • 1.2: Fixes.
  • 1.3: Fixed pan so as to stay at unity (Thanks Myco).
  • 1.4: Added full mousewheel support.
  • 1.5: Repaired mouse wheel bugs.
    Improved look.
    Repaired GUI Bugs.
  • 1.55: Made an algorithm to ensure graphical plotline stays in place at different sample rates using a unique rational mapping technique.
    Improved and streamlined the math used in the panoramic algorithm, now using less memory.
    Updated about credits.
  • 1.56: Updated GUI, replaced with Ruby code to increase speed.
  • 1.57: Optimized and Improved the Ruby Code.
  • 1.58: Streamlined inner coding so as to reduce CPU and GPU drain on resources (quite substantial!).
    Changed GUI to better address high contrast screens.
  • 1.59: Updated the filters so as to prevent overload during rare startup glitches.

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