DSPplug inter-sample peak limiter

The inter-sample peak limiter by DSPplug allows you to avoid true peaks in such a way that is both restorative and non-destructive, utilizing a unique formulae to avoid damage normally done by a limiter, especially in the way of affecting bass.

This product is sold exclusively@ KVR Audio and VSTplug.com

The inter-sample peak limiter comes in two flavours: Normal and ++. The ++ version has an EQ and a 4 band FX rack built right in with saturation and exciters ready and waiting to make your track sound like it’s from a pro studio.

+ V1.0: Initial release
+ V1.1: Added optional HP option.
+ V1.1: Added ++ version for effect without a color.
+ V1.2: Changed look and improved functionality
+ V1.3: Added option to use more pervasive algorithm
+ V1.4: Fixed all reported bugs, improved algorithm 2, dropped ++ version due to less sonic effect in standard.
+ V1.4: Added ++ version with equalizer and 4 band FX options

Planned Changes
+ V1.5: Mousewheel support, Optimizations, More Presets

The DSPplug inter-sample peak limiter is sold by VSTplug.com and leattol.com, but to show KVRaudio comrade-ry,  won’t be sold on other sites.
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Demo Download:

DSPplug Inter Sample Peak Limiter V1 4 DEMO 3
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