Flowstone: imperium EQ (partial example)

The imperium is a proof of concept, proving that the Imperium EQ can be used to create a lightning fast, technologically effective and beyond-the-norm equalizer that exceeds known industry standards. I need to stress, that there is no falsehood when suggesting the third example is extremely advanced. It’s NASA advanced and is boggling for Me (King OZ) to even think about, TBH. It was a moment of genius that passed, that will probably take you 24 hours or more to get your head around.

This technology is free to use, but please attribute your work to DSPplug or VSTplug or king OZ records or to the name Robert Ellis Langford.

DSProbotics forum posting
Download #1 (beginner to intermediate)

Imperium Eq 1 2 4 Public
Downloads: 9, File Size: 585.6 KB, Added: 23 Jul. 2020
Download #2 (Advanced)
Imperium Eq 1 9 7 Fixed Hanging Left Menu
Downloads: 8, File Size: 122.7 KB, Added: 23 Jul. 2020
Download #3 (Extremely Advanced!!!)
Imperium Eq 1 9 8 Incorporating Fft Style Analyzer
Downloads: 12, File Size: 161.7 KB, Added: 23 Jul. 2020
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