Flowstone: LU meter (port of Youlean example)

So, I had a chance to go over exactly how Youlean had interpreted LUFS recommendations and was able to increase the accuracy of the algorithm by about 8%. However, notably; and fairly, this advance was only due to a number that I had altered so as to perfect the registered calculation.

The “port” is resulting of entirely original examples made by DSProbotics customer forum members found at: http://dsprobotics.com.

The new, unique algorithm still, however is utilizing an averaging module (made by Youlean) that is not as efficient as the algorithm designed by Thomas Chatfield AKA Exonerate. That algorithm will also be made available within this same entry in days to come.

This impressive flowstone utility is testament to Youlean’s commitment to kindness and a sharing attitude that promotes fairness and equity, like those of his C+ youlean windows VST SDK ports.

DSProbotics forum posting

Dspplug Lufs Loudness Detection Improved V0018 EBU 2010 And 2016 Sample Accurate X32
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