Flowstone: Vertical Slider (Trog mod)

Flowstone: Vertical Slider (Trog mod)

Here’s a better slider with only two modules.

It’s very efficient and it is fully tested with automation. The only thing I have not tested is the default 0-1 reference in the preset module I’m not sure if it requires a 1-value to work.

Check that out, but it’s the most simple yet, and furthermore by y using it a user can also use the slider while automating without it breaking! Make sure however, maybe to use 1 subtracted by the value so that it defaults correctly.

Furthermore, Trogluddite added some code to make this move more effectively, so I added his modification instead of the original because it’s so much better.

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Vstplug Slider Standard Trog Mod
Downloads: 33, File Size: 0, Added: 23 Jul. 2020

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