Vocal Gate

King OZ: VSTplug vocal gate

The DSPplug vocal gate is a well tested plug-in designed to be very useful. It has a built in deharsher/de-noiser that works in a very minimal fashion which can also be turned off.
You’ll find this to be a much better, much quiter noise gate for vocals or for most things as it has very unique coding within.
This product is sold exclusively@ KVR Audio and DSPplug.com

+ V1.0: Initial Release
+ V1.1: Updated GUI, Perfected Aesthetics
+ V1.2: Updated GUI
+ V1.3: Added no filter option, Added Distortion remover & limiter.

Planned Changes
+ V1.4: Mousewheel support, Optimizations, More Presets

Download Demo:

Demo - DSPplug vocal gate v1-3
Downloads: 120, File Size: 8.4 MB, Added: 15 Apr. 2021

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