King OZ: VSTplug vocal gate

The VSTplug vocal gate has three versions: the Spoken, Sung, Rap and Sung and Rap version of vocal gates.

And the reason there is three versions is timing. The timing will variate by ms and that threshold will also vary, meaning that it has to be perfect. In the case of sung or rapping as you might expect it will need to be faster and perhaps the release an attack ratio will need to be slightly more attenuated.

Currently, the only version released is the spoken version, but the rap and sung versions will be released tomorrow.

This product is sold exclusively@ KVR Audio and

+ V1.0: Initial Release
+ V1.1: Updated GUI, Perfected Aesthetics
+ V1.2: Updated GUI

Planned Changes
+ V1.3: Mousewheel support, Optimizations, More Presets

The VSTplug vocal gate is sold here, but to show some KVRaudio comrade-ry, it won’t be sold on other sites.
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Download Demo

VSTplug Vocal Gate Spoken V1 2 DEMO
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Youtube Demo:

LE Attol - Tap that
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