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On KVRaudio, DSPplug attempts to assist the avid musician, developer and sound engineer towards a more effective, positive experience. Though the beginners and amateurs will bicker and surmise; it becomes the rite of passage for the professional to become initiate to technical masteries.
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Make your PC Fans quiter for recording
It makes a lot of sense to have knobs with which to make your fans quieter during recording.
Robert Langford goes over various brands and the exact method employed for the DSPplug company PC.

Seagate Skyhawk a mechanical HDD contender
Mechanical HDD’s make sense to have. They’re reliable, they have longevity and yet;
which has the best bang for the buck? While this guide was written, the Seagate Skyhawk was the most profound choice with a very reasonable price, having the highest possible speed and rating at nearly one hundred dollars less than similar models.

Why get a Platinum Power Supply?
The rationales for having a platinum power supply fall short in regards to the need of the average DAW or sound designer. While of course need and demand still exists; it also is rare that the demands of the power supply are beyond 15%. It is these lower numbers which become more relevant; and yet, the common method of testing is concerning numbers in the higher threshold uses (i.e: 40%+) for Gamers and High powered PC’s.

It only makes sense to instead contemplate how to make your system as efficient as possible in minimal cases while it is using less power. Various platinum power supplies will behave in much different ways unless you read the fine print (and look at the power efficiency curves).

SSD Data Integrity
Enterprise SSD offer PLP, (Power Loss Prevention) something that comes with a very expensive price tag. Finding a PCI express card that can do the same thing is ideal. However, finding a good brand is challenging. Many supposed professionals miss the fact that power, whether or not “backed up” can still be prone to voltage ripple. This is because an in-eficient power supply is not producing enough power in low use cases. It is one of the most common reasons for data-loss in non-enterprise SSD’s.

Video Production Techniques
Making video for a sound designer who wishes to make more money is a daunting task. It’s something that’s challenging and technical. If you’re really serious about making professional content; often the free products are better. Those products are mentioned in this series of posts, as well as free video filters and OBS tutorials.