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Commercial Audio Sites
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There’s no better site for reading about deals on audio software than!
KVRaudio is one of the biggest and best audio sites online. It’s also a great place to buy audio software, presets and samples. You can often find a matching or lower price from any item found at ADSR, Pluginboutique, etc at the KVR Marketplace.
ADSRsounds is a very reliable and good looking site to buy software, samples and tutorials.
The best website for finding free sample, preset, & midi packs from creators big and small. They’ve found free packs for every genre and post new packs daily.
Often there’s great prices at the highest producers site, I’ve always been pleased with the variety of samples and the competitive pricing.
R-Loops might be a big dog in the way of sample sites, but they’re bad-ass and they often have very competitive sales.
When you’re the biggest sample site (like ProducerLoops is) it’s hard to avoid the bad from the good. For every good sample pack there’s 20 bad sample packs sold at, but usually for a good price. It’s not their fault of course; The consistency is due to the skills of the producer selling/reselling.
There’s a lot of good deals at this site, People making rap will love the prices and the variety. Sometimes I notice though the sales and the prices do not often change quickly, but that could be a good, or a bad thing.
There’s not a cheaper audio samples website on the internet. They have a few good labels, but there’s one they house at the site that can be a little shady, buyer beware!
Social Boosting Sites
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This is the best, most smooth operating social boosting programme on the internet. People say services like this make the internet fake, but that’s only because they’re fakers who could never make it in the real world. This service has an honest approach to the way they do business and I personally recommend them. I warn people about providing a free “like” service for any great length of time, it’s frowned upon, and providing subscribes is frowned upon also. Use caution, restraint and realize that Youtube is a symbiosis of fronting and truth, tread lightly.
Like4like is pretty good, but it’s a clunky site that is not programmed as well as, it’s nice to mix it up however. It also has a “comment” feature for youtube which many other services don’t (for good reason).
People who make free samples and free content, let’s face it; they deserve subscribers and they deserve respect. There have been many sites like amongst others, pumpyoursound and so on; that pray on people’s desire to be popular; and they charge a great deal of money. This service does the same thing and it is free!
Useful Utilities
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This is an online alternative to photoshop. If only now, there was an online alternative to after effects. The only problem with this is that you should not (whatever you do) try to open the saved .psd files in photoshop. They work, but not well and they screw up your font settings.
ShareX can do a lot of things, but mostly it’s a really good tool for taking screenhots. It also has an intuitive feature for saving animated gif video. That means, if you want to sell a plug-in and have an animated gif function like a video; this is the tool to use!
Bandicam as a screen recorder is stable and ok, but the Bandicut software is versatile and a must have. Not free, but it’s in-expensive and useful for life!
OBS is one of the better screen recorder programs which you need to make your professional videos. With its new background noise cancellation algo: rnnoise added, it promises to be the best in the business. It can crash graphics cards however, and when using in DAW, you can only push your CPU to MAX 45%, anything more and the video can get choppy. Try 10FPS for inside a DAW, an use 24FPS to record online activity like browsing and being on youtube, or for photoshop work.
Bar none, the fastest (Free) screen recorder that has sub-par FPS video capture. You need to ensure that you do not move objects around too fast with this tool. It also will not record the microphone well, you should rely on a low-cpu mic recording software like Creative Wavestudio 7 to do that, but if you have; you can make huge videos; following entire mix-throughs hours long!
The fastest, best voice recording software that uses next to no CPU, also; because it does not output a waveform live; the audio output is error free!