New Mastering solution coming: VSTplug chieftan

The chieftan is what promises to be the culmination of 4 years off study.

With 6 bands of automatic feedback prevention, stereo width (which keeps volume at unity, and is non-destructive) and an un-precedented colour; the chieftan is probably the most sophisticated mastering EQ in the world.

Like the william de-esser; I only want 5 dollars. Fair is fair and I intend to make money by volume and quality of product not in only a few sales.

The chieftan is everything that you’ve ever imagined in an EQ and included will be presets which illustrate how to improve upon most songs ever made by Michael jackson. Just turn the preset on and his song will sound that much better.

Get ready for the chieftan; one of the finest audio experiences in the world.



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