New sick EQ: VSTplug LA bands 3

This new bada** EQ is hot; it looks like the LA bands 2 EQ but under the hood it’s all RBJ (made custom by LE Attol) and it’s hot.

The best thing is that it’s simple and only uses 1% CPU even on 64 bit! it’s $5 US (like all King OZ products) on VSTplug and KVR marketplace.

It includes over 40 presets instructing how to use this EQ to remix pro audio, that like the platinum selling Michael Jackson classics. Amongst these benchmarks will soon be many Lady Gaga, Beatles and various other pop favorites used to show the potential of the LA bands 3 EQ.

It’s sick, it’s something like the best. I’ve tried expensive graphic EQ’s by big companies that can be expensive. This puts them to shame. more to come from VSTplug for 5 dollars. Perfection shouldn’t cost a lot of money!

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