Picture Mocking

So, recently I was photo mocked, because I’d used a free CC0 (public domain) and legal image found here: https://www.pexels.com/photo/selective-focus-photograph-of-man-wearing-gray-suit-jacket-1138903/

And I thought it was a way to save money. I used photoshop and put My head on top, I guess I should have paid for a suit. But I mean I make audio plugins; this is a hobby that doesn’t always pay money; where am I going to get a good photo and a nice suit in a nice setting?

Oh well, it’s not a big deal I guess. So, from now on I’ll post a real image, even though I’m not vain and really only have a few. I really have never wanted to look at other people’s memes, pictures or photos of their going-on’s.

The thing is, would anyone put this guy’s image on your site? Wouldn’t people expect that you’d use it for photoshopping? I mean, He’s a nice looking man; wouldn’t you like to pretend that this man from a public domain free to use image is working for your company or with you? I dunno, but I make audio stuff and I don’t care. In fact if someone better at photoshop than I am offered to splice Me into a star trek uniform; I’d be down with that; maybe like the old red Chekov uniform, groovy.

Here’s the original:

and the edit:

EDIT: So, I had some custom hats made, I’ll take some photos wearing them. Here’s the article:





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