Site Updates

There’s some site updates on their way. It’s been trying; making the move over to and now there is more challenges, including the support of devices like phones. The theme I bought is well made but it does not seem to be supported by iphones and ipods.

I’ll be making a custom theme that is css only. This will improve support for devices like Iphone and Tablets, Ipods and Samsung Galaxy phones of course.

I want this site to have a completely commercial feel but to be fully interactive and making that look good is a tough thing to accomplish. But I have 20 years of experience in coding and design so it will not take Me too long.

What the site will have when it is done is:
[li]User Areas[/li]
[li]User Blogs[/li]
[li]User Forum (Product Support, Programming sections for DSP programmers and beginners[/li]
[li][Flowstone,Synthedit,Bluecat Plug ‘n Script])[/li]
[li]Developer resource section (Downloads, Articles [driven by the forum, coming soon], DSP tutorials[/li]
[li][driven by the forum, coming soon])[/li]
[li]DSP flowstone products for sale (these will be products which people can buy for producing DSP products with flowstone, should be really handy)[/li]
[li]Knobman .knob files for sale[/li]
[li]Design .psd and .svg DSP resources for sale (will also be sold on sites like Graphicriver)[/li][/ul]

And every product will have its own FAQ, every product will have at least 10 audio demos, will have at least one video demo, and 5 screenshots.

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