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DSPplug MP4joiner

It’s cool, making Youtube videos, Vimeo Videos, Tik Tok Videos, Daily Motion, Facebook, Instagram and what have you videos.
And yet products like Bandicut, though great get expensive to install on many pc’s.

This windows only product uses a few tricks and batch files getting the most out of the open source ffmpeg and VLC Media Player products.
FFmpeg can fall short when merging video, and VLC is not everything in the way of control, but the two together; hidden inside the powerful dspplug-joiner.exe product are mighty.

What you do, is make a folder; it can have many files inside; but make sure there’s only these mp4 files:
file1.mp4, file2.mp4, and file3.mp4

These are the videos that will be merged together in sequence. But if you only need to merge two videos, just have file1 and file2.
Moreover, say that you also wish to replace the audio. Merely make stereo aac files the same length and name them the same, and they will automatically be added without any issues of latency.

Like this:
file1.aac, file2.aac, file3.aac

Just want to replace file2.aac? Or only need to update file1.aac? NP.
Just place the dspplug-joiner.exe file in the folder and double click it.
It will do all the work and clean up after itself, leaving a merged.mp4 file when it is done.

Nothing about the file is suspicious, though it might seem alarming that something like this could be standalone.
Here is the virustotal scan:

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