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The DSPplug Smooth is a one of a kind. A ceiling limiter that attempts to deal with true peak limiting, the smooth is the answer to the question “Is auto-makeup absolutely necessary?”. The answer: not really. And the only reason why, is alternative math with the same result.

The DSPplug Smooth promises to be an elite experience for those serious about making music fast. Whether it comes to reducing punch from a vocal, or it is about making a sound blend well into into the track so that it is not affecting the overall threshold, the smooth is reliable and fast.

This new version is a surefire limiter which has a series of limiting algorithms that notably, will ensure a ceiling cannot get get any higher than specified. However, you’re required to add gain behind this limiter (most likely with an EQ) to make it meet the desired ceiling threshold. This is due to exponential compression enforced by percentile.

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