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The VSTplug mono to stereo plug-in allows you to quickly and decisively make a mono signal into a stereo one. With intuitive features like phase cancellation and stereo width (using a VSTplug unique algorithm) you’ll be sure to get the result you desire in an expeditious manner.
Furthermore, a new and unique algorithm has been added to the collection of mono to stereo algorithms, designed by King OZ personally.

This product is sold exclusively@ KVR Audio and

+ V1.0: Initial Release
+ V1.1: Added new features
+ V1.2: added a new, unique DSPplug algorithm making stereo from mono using Quadrature oscillators and Hilbert Transforms in combinations with a white noise driven cross-fader moving at about the speed of air pressure

Planned Changes
+ V1.2: Haas will also be added
+ V1.3: Mousewheel support, Optimizations, More Presets

The VSTplug mono to stereo is sold here, but to show some KVRaudio comradery, it won’t be sold on other sites.
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