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King OZ – DSPplug Omega PhaseBGone

Omega PhaseBGone

It’s really simple, sometimes either effects or phase causing processing will be too resonant and be causing modulation. Especially like in the case of reverb. Turn a reverb effect effect into a linear phase one with this effect or just tame phase in general by choosing the dominant side (which will automatically become BOTH sides) […]

DSPplug omega presence

Omega Presence

You often will want to add a little bit of automation, and after you’ve mastered; you do not want to add any volume but you wish to take away. Here’s a simple tool that offers that capability which also doubles as being able to very simply improve the presence of a vocal or a set. […]

King Oz – DSPplug omega compressor

Omega Compressor

Porbably the most unique compressor in the world.

VSTplug All access pass

DSPplug All access pass

All access to everything DSPplug makes for one year.

VSTplug Freq

KingOZ: VSTplug Freq

The VSTplug freq is a great parametric EQ that’s able to do most anything with only peaking filters. More is planned for this equalizer. It was made for the most part as a test of functionality but will be updated to have all filter types (specifically the RBJ type “custom programmed by Le Attol”). The […]

VSTplug LA Bands 2

KingOZ: VSTplug LA Bands 2

The VSTplug LA bands 2 is a fantastic equalizer, exceeding the colour and quality of most any commercial equalizer on the market. Due to its superior construction, LA bands 2 outperforms and outshines the competition by being easy on the CPU; it sounds smooth and it’s “not bad” overall. Better performance, with a few sacrifices […]

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