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Getting Started

  • Purchasing: What forms of payment does DSPplug accept? only accepts paypal. There is no plans to add support for other payment portals.

  • Purchasing: Are DSPplug audio plug-ins Windows only?

    For the time being, DSPplug plug-ins are only available for the windows operating system. A mac system has been purchased and a method has been established to make big sur mac-ready plug-ins, yet to optimise as well as their Windows counterparts is taking a great deal of self education.

  • Purchasing: Can DSPplug plug-ins be used commercially?

    Yes, and you can use these plug-ins on as many companies as you own.

  • Purchasing: Do I have to activate My DSPplug software?

    No, and because this process slows down the musician and engineer in “making music”, this will never be implemented though it could be (it won’t).

  • Troubleshooting: My Windows VST 64-bit plug-ins are not showing up in My DAW?

    Please make sure to place them in this location of your windows installation:

    c:program filescommon filesvst2

  • Troubleshooting: While My plug-in loads, the background shows briefly in the top left screen?

    This is a bug with the development software that could took a long time to patch. Newer DSPplug software will not be affected by it, but should you change the optional size to be beyond or below 100%, it may still re-emerge (may be patched in the future).

  • FAQ: What is DSPplug?

    DSPplug has been around since 2017, and before being called “DSPPlug” it was reffered to as “VSTplug”. It wasn’t till 2019 that DSPplug began selling and providing free VST (32 and 64 bit) plug-ins at the KVRaudio marketplace.

    youtube video

    DSPplug also provides ghost-production services (paid upfront by paypal); we do voice overs for promotional videos and commercials and furthermore we can also assist you in online promotion and IT technologies, such as wordpress.

  • FAQ: Where is DSPplug located?

    DSPplug is located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada

  • FAQ: Does DSPplug make other software?

    Yes, DSPplug has plans to also release WordPress themes and plug-ins asap.

  • FAQ: Is DSPPlug non-profit?

    No, DSPplug is a commercial entity that is built on the belief that audio software should not be expensive.

  • FAQ: Who is King OZ Records?

    Kingozrecords, from KVRaudio is the owner of King OZ Records and DSPplug.

    Robert E. Langford (King OZ) was born in 1979 in Canada and has been an IT developer since 2004, and an audio plug-in dev since 2016.

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